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Angel readings are very different from other readings. The reading will center on you - your personal and spiritual growth - rather than suggesting you change jobs or predicting when you will meet your soul mate. The answers you seek are within the various reading spreads. Visit the Angel Readings Gallery and select the reading that best suits your question or concern and just be open to receive the message/advice. I receive messages using my inner guidance skills, expanded awareness, intuition, and the cards. That information is then passed on to you.
Bear in mind that choices we make effect any given outcome. A reading is always about energy, and energy is always in motion. Before ordering your reading do the following.
Set Your Intention. It is imperative that you precede your question session with a prayerful request or statement. Example Intention: "It is my intention to receive truthful answers which will serve the good of all concerned. Thank you."

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Email: holisticpassages

Price Information

All readings are priced by the number of cards in the reading, whether they are regular readings, custom-designed readings, or gifts.  Reading prices are $7 per card.

Response Time

I will personally acknowledge your reading order within 24 hours or less from the time you place your order to let you know when you can expect delivery.  Most orders are delivered within 24 to 48 hours. Readings ARE NOT computer generated. All reading messages received by me Magye Kalwara CRMT,CHT 

How can you do an accurate reading by email?

We are all energy and vibration, and the event map of our lives is composed of the energies of all that has been, is, and will be. What we think, do, feel and say vibrates to energy. I translate that energy to words and pictures. 

My services are NOT for entertainment purposes. Oracle cards are not magic. They do not dictate the future, and your future is certainly not set in stone. Free will is the supreme ingredient in any reading. My purpose is to empower you with the true divine knowledge you need to enjoy happiness and success in all areas of your life!  It is your choice how you perceive the information