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Angel Readings at Holistic Passages Wellness Center   Angel Readings at Holistic Passages Wellnes Center  Angel Readings at Holistic Passages Wellness Center

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Greeting Cards - Special Occasion Readings  2- cards

Send a birthday, anniversary, thinking of you, congratulations, get well, or any type of card to a friend or relative.  I will select two cards for their special occasion and send them a reading as a present from you. Please indicate the occasion, your name and message, and the recipient's name and e-mail address. Greeting cards are normally sent by e-mail.

One Question/Concern Reading  1 - card
A brief reading to show you what you need to know about a particular situation, perhaps the attitude to take on or what you need to do or consider. This will offer you important information that gets to the root of the situation. You can purchase one card per question if you have more than one question/concern you would like insight on.  ORDER

Message of the Day Reading  1 - card
This reading will share with you an important piece of information that you are meant to know. A situation that needs your attention.  ORDER

Spiritual Reading  1 - card
What should I follow at this time in my life? The card  chosen will indicate where you are being drawn at this time in your life. This card is a key of what you are manifesting at this time.  ORDER

Messages from the Fairies Reading  1 - card
Fairies are known as nature angels. A fairy angel reading is an enlightening way to take a journey of self-exploration - to look at an issue that you want to resolve or find out more about in your life. If you feel connected to Earth Mother then this is the messenger for you.  ORDER

Message for the Week Reading   2 - cards
This reading is for a weekly message from the Angels. This reading will share with you energies and messages to be mindful of.  ORDER

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Angel Readings at Holistic Passages Wellness Center

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All readings are priced by the number of cards in the reading, whether they are regular readings, custom-designed readings, or gifts.  Reading prices are $7 per card.

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My services are NOT for entertainment purposes. Oracle cards are not magic. They do not dictate the future, and your future is certainly not set in stone. Free will is the supreme ingredient in any reading. My purpose is to empower you with the true divine knowledge you need to enjoy happiness and success in all areas of your life!  It is your choice how you perceive the information