Using The Pendulum Workshop

This is an introductory level class to get you familiar with the Art of Dowsing and utilizing a Pendulum as a tool. This class is open to all who are interested. No specific background in energy healing or intuitive development is needed.

Host a Pendulum Workshop at your location for an afternoon or evening full of fun, relaxation, and intuitive guidance and healing.

This workshop will cover the following:
How a pendulum works.
How to program your pendulum.
How to clear your pendulum.
How to use a pendulum for everyday use.
How to receive answers using a pendulum. 

The dowsing workshop includes a simple pendulum and workbook 

Location:  Your health center, home, office, park, spa
Class Registration: $25 per participant - registration due prior to class 
Time: Workshop time is 1.5 hours
Requirement: 5 or more participants

If you are interested in hosting a Pendulum Workshop and are in the Southern New Jersey area contact 
the instructor today! 
Email: holisticpassages 

Travel time for sites that are beyond 15 miles will be charged according to mileage and gas prices