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Tarot Readings at Holistic Passages Wellness Center   Tarot Readings at Holistic Passages Wellnes Center  Tarot Readings at Holistic Passages Wellness Center
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Tarot Greeting Cards - Special Occasion Readings  2 - Cards
Send a birthday, anniversary, thinking of you, congratulations, get well, or any type of card to a friend or relative.  I will select two cards for their special occasion and send them a two card reading as a present from you.  Please indicate the occasion, your name and message, and the recipient's name  and e-mail address.  Greeting cards are sent by e-mail.  ORDER 

One Question/Concern Reading  1 - Card
A brief reading to show you what you need to know about a particular situation; what you need to do or consider. Often just pulling one tarot card from the deck can give you important insight into a situation or an individual. You can purchase one card per question if you have more than one question/concern you would like insight on.  ORDER

Landmark- Signpost Reading  2 - Cards
Signposts offer some simplicity, to say that of all the things you need to worry about right now, this is the most important thing. Forget about everything else that is trying to grab at your attention, just focus here! ORDER

Making Choices and Decisions Reading  3 - Cards
Strengths / Weaknesses / Advice 

Understanding Yourself Reading  3 - Cards
A Tarot card reading can help you gain insight into many areas of your life. Sometimes we need a little guidance to discover what the possibilities are on our journey. The Tarot will not make decisions for you, as those choices are your responsibility, but it certainly can help you clarify your options.
You / Your current path / Your potential.

Understanding A Situation Reading  3 - Cards
Tarot readings clarify your current situation, so you can make better-informed choices. You will learn what the deeper issue is, what tends to block your progress and how to move forward. Find the solutions to difficult problems.

Choice A. Current situation / Obstacle / Advice   ORDER
Choice B.  What you can change / What you can’t change / What you may not be aware of   ORDER

Understanding Relationships Reading  3 - Cards
This relationship analysis tarot reading is a simple way to get accurate insights and advice about your
personal relationship issues.

Choice A. You / The other person / The relationship -  ORDER
Choice B. What brings you together / What pulls you apart / What needs your attention -  ORDER


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All readings are priced by the number of cards in the reading, whether they are regular readings, custom-designed readings, or gifts.  Reading prices are $7 per card.

You are not required to have an account with PayPal to order a reading. After completing the payment transaction PayPal will send you a receipt of your order via email. Upon receipt of this order confirmation, I will contact you and confirm your reading.

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My services are NOT for entertainment purposes. Oracle cards are not magic. They do not dictate the future, and your future is certainly not set in stone. Free will is the supreme ingredient in any reading. My purpose is to empower you with the true divine knowledge you need to enjoy happiness and success in all areas of your life!  It is your choice how you perceive the information

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A note about ethics: Relationship readings are an area where readers should think about the issues involved with third-party readings and decide how they feel. There are differing points of view about whether this type of reading should be done without the second person's knowledge and consent. My personal point of view has changed through time. A fellow Tarot reader shared the following:

"It is OK to do a reading on a relationship that involves the client and another person, and to give the client some insight into what that other person may be doing and thinking with respect to their relationship (and only that). My feeling is that a relationship between two people is a living entity of its own, that is difficult to productively explore from only one side. This type of reading often gives the client more sympathy and understanding for their partner's point of view, which I feel is very valuable. Just as in marriage counseling, one partner can come in alone or both partners can come in together. Either way, the counselor discusses the entire relationship, not just one side of it. As long as that information is kept strictly confidential, I feel it is ethical."